I have been photographing the natural world since age 14 and have been drawn to natural beauty for as long as I can remember, and longer if one may credit the stories told by adults who knew me as a young child. Pursuing a different muse, music, through college and graduate studies, I took up serious photography as an adult, studying with Boyd Norton, Nancy Rotenberg, André Gallant, Freeman Patterson, and Jack Davis as well as many others through seminars and in-person as well as online workshops. Through their influence, I developed great interest in how the mind reconstructs the visual field, filling in selectively from the information presented by the eyes. Thus, my work revolves around understanding rather than merely seeing. Taking great joy in pursuing unique qualities of light, I travel extensively while photographing throughout the U.S. and internationally. Although I am primarily a fine art landscape and floral photographer, I enjoy photographing wildlife, including my cats.
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